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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 17, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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tomorrow, e this is a fox news alert from america's election headquarters. i'm andy levy. shocking news out of our nation's capital where nick clooney was arrested on friday afternoon. the former on air host for the american movie classics television network is speaking out in front of a sudanese embassy against the humanitarian crisis in that country and against the sudanese government slaughter of its own people. placed in zip tie cuffs for disorderly crossing of a police line. and an unidentified man paid his fine and the two held a joint press conference. >> our job is to try to bring attention to it. one of those ways was apparently getting arrested. i guess we are not allowed to hang out at the sudanese embassy. >> did you know that? >> no, i didn't though that. >> that's one handsome unidentified man.
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now back to "red eye" already in progress. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known by the highway patrol, the petaluma peeper. she is so cute that kittens have her as a screen saver. she is already kissing. she is so cool she has a built in ice maker. it is liz mcdonald from fox business net, would. and for st. patrick's day he is only injecting green heroin. it is bill schulz. and he is so sharp he sneezes razor blades and wearing a nice, green sweater. i like to call him congo. and his profits are shrimpy because his opinions are wimpy. good to see you, pinch. >> according to reporter lizette allah res they are a little less wild because of unflattering appearances in social media. reminds me of the trip to fort lauderdale with the princeton
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review. let's just say i had one too many alabama slammas and blacked out during a cool whip mouth suck contest, the result of which landed on "good housekeeping"'s front page and i unfriended her after an argument at senior frogs. but the damage was done. >> did you have to go to a doctor when you came back? >> i can't move. ii don't have legs. did america's most wanted hate america's most watched? a bin laden crew had strong news about cable news. in particular they hated fox news. the washington post, an actual paper reports that the terrorist turd hoped for a big splash on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. a u.s.-born media advisor jerk face discussed where to ship a bin laden anniversary video writing to his boss, quote, it should be sent for example to abc, cbs, nbc and cnn and maybe pbs and voa.
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let her die in anger. so where is she? how did he know? he added from a professional point of view, because thisy are professionals, they are all on one level except fox newschannel that falls into the abyss, as you know and lacks objectivity. sounds like that was written by media matters. the post says before his death bin laden command i had his -- commanded his co harts -- cohorts to attack. it says, obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make vice president biden take over the presidency. biden is totally unprepared for the post that will leave the u.s. into crisis. the vp is taking the insult in stride. i love that guy. meanwhile, other stuff is happening in the world. i have no idea what that was. i find it still kind of
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arousing. liz -- elizabeth, isn't the best plug they could get, bib -- bin laden hates you? it is like finding hitler irritating. >> yes, it is what he was, a homicidal serial killer maniac. >> i don't think they called him a freedom fighter. >> yes, some left wing did. >> real, real left wing. congressman or congo, this must mean fox news is doing something right, and yes i am blowing my own horn. it is all about me. >> yes, that's why you take yoga. look, let's be serious. how can you be objective about al-qaeda in the sense that they use it whereby are you not objective and you don't recognize it as the blood thirsty murderers as you are. in fairness, fox, a, should take it as a badge of honor. and the other networks should look at their pr department and say what's wrong with you? >> exactly. it is so heartening to say they had feelings and were
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hurt by fox news. they really didn't like what we did. what did you make of all of these new revelations? >> the big take away . is you are thinking about -- the big take away point is you are thinking about this. he thinks our vice president isn't fit to handle in the case of a crisis. you really need to worry about the entire ticket too. it is here at home and internationally and all of the above. >> bin laden was -- bin laden didn't know biden. biden is a swell fella. >> she a great guy. say what you know about his guests, but the guy is no slouch and i rarely use the guy slouch. >> he has great posture. >> he will never need to go to a chiropractor. >> you can't depend on share -- charlitains. >> i think bin laden does not understand the united states. if the president in a heinous act if something happened to
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him we would mourn him and comfort the family and unite behind the next president to bring him to justice. so let been rot in hell and he can take it down with him. >> separate from the idiotic things he was saying attacking our president and vice president which is moron nick, was how we had this approach to his own organization. he was like the ceo of terrorists. he was like, i need a deputy and annual reports and i need to rebrand the al-qaeda name because it is antiquated with evil. well you picked a name that was longer than the u.s. alphabet. who will use that name? >> to commit acts of terrorism and then they wonder why they have a bad rep reputation. what will they do to turn it around? have bake sales? start contributing to charities? that will somehow turn it around? >> i am waiting for him to hire somebody to re-do the brand. >> it is weird. some of the things they said about fox news is also said by the left.
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the left has to think maybe we are on the wrong side. >> we are looking at our shoulders and we are looking for al-qaeda apparently too. >> it freaked me out. the other thing too, you think about the left wing media and how they have been so sensitive to muslims. in a lot of ways that is great. we want to open our arms to everybody and be sensitive to other cultures. at the same time, when you hear osama bin laden in this article and talking about anybody who would possibly have a brother living in the united states reach out to that person because it would be easier for them to operate in the united states and grow our network. it makes you understand why everything is going on with searches and seizures at the airport. >> and why is new york infiltrating? >> i don't agree with any of that. i actually hate all of that. i think it is unconstitutional.
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>> there were terrorists and then there were wonderful muslims. i do not agree with the new york police department doing those kinds of -- that spying is unconstitutional. >> look at the problem that bin laden had. just like the idiot before him he was a lunatic reduced to raving in a bunker. the things he was saying about the u.s. muslims participating shows his fundamental ignorance of americans. and i take heart from the fact that the reason al-qaeda had to rebrand was because of muslim push back on al-qaeda for exactly what it was. >> he actually took -- i think they took the word al-qaeda out and put back in jihad. >> at first they were going to try coca-cola and pepsi. they were looking at the popular stuff that was out there. they add i-queda like an ipad. and then it was al-qaeda with windows.
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micro-qaeda didn't work. >> my little pony, the power of love. it is like, hello, copy write. >> barberry short cake, that didn't work. aside from the e mails bin laden reportedly watched "red eye" and was a fan of yours and president whatted you to join his harem of wives because you reminded him of erin moran from" happy days." >> he wanted to put a burr caw on me. this whole list was encouraging. what did we see? we saw a failure to attack. we saw a failure to attack on the anniversary. we saw a failure to attack our president. and that president killed him and the guy that was supposed to assassinate him. >> it still freaks me out when they say the threats are not serious threats. in a post 9/11 world, are you kidding me? >> well let's look at the fore sight. they had their top secret stuff in the bunker of the
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most wanted man on planet earth. that strikes me as an a bad area for such sense stiff. >> he was watching his own image going out to around the world. >> there are threats to the country and i totally 1 hz% -- 100% agree with you. >> just because they are not successful doesn't make it not dangerous. just because they are incompetent it is not a threat. i agree. just because they got lucky and and -- we got lucky we can't let our guard down. >> thank god for president obama's hercules effort to protect us. >> how many thwarted attacks do we not know about? >> again, i say thank you, obama. >> and obama took him out. >> and thank you george bush to give him the tools to accomplish this feet. was pay what you choose a sure bet to lose? a brooklyn, new york
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restaurant, is there any kind, has closed after it began allowing customers to pay what they feel. while the owner of the santorini grill doesn't blame the greek eat re's demise she said it didn't help. actually, quote. it hurt it. it damaged it. before that business was better, but the business went down. not because they abused it, but they stopped coming. she found it surprising because all was hunky dory before she introduced this system. a lot of the staff found work elsewhere. that was a funny prank video. it was a bunch of little animals cleaning pans. that wasn't the help. terrible, terrible thing. >> how do you get help anyway from people?
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if you are going to pay $1 for a sandwich, what is a tip on top of $1? >> that's true. also i think and maybe you can answer this, when people under value things they don't like it as much? >> they don't. and what is striking about this was she was operating in an area where people really left. it was this williamsburg, brooklyn where a lot of people,up -- yuppies lived and went there to buy cheap lofts. when the economy crashed they didn't have the money. you would think they would go to the restaurant because she said, hey, pay a penny. it doesn't matter. >> i think there was something, congo, about people desiring capitalism. i pay for a service fair and square, and it is touchy feely and it is almost what i would call starbucks socialism. i say that hoping it will catch on. i said it six times this week and no one cares. >> well, i think the mistake that she made was putting
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herself in a position whereas you point out people moved in when the economy went down, they left. now, i don't know what you would charge for greek food. i usually know how i feel after i eat it. >> i love greek food for that reason. >> yes, and i generally use my money on anything to look at how i feel. >> i love humice. >> does he know that? >> a terrible public. >> are her customers to blame or the restaurant? >> if you think of a restaurant it is never the flavor of the week, but it may be the flavor of the year. how often do you see them open and close their doors? you need great service and great food. you need the repeat customers and new york is one of the only places you don't necessarily have to have that. you have so many tourists coming in but if the bloggers are not talking about you anymore, you are toast.
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>> i like that question though. any good business owner knows in order to run a successful place, always blame the customer. >> the customer is always right. >> we know when we don't get good ratings, it is the viewer's fault. >> you guys, shame on you, america. >> bill, you ran a restaurant in the 1990s where you paid people to eat your food and it was made of driftwood art. why didn't that work? >> what the waiters wore and didn't wear without getting too specific. >> the problem with pay what you feel in williamsburg most people feel like they are broke. as a result you will not get a lot of money that way. but once the band makes it, watch out. 15% tips. >> i am going to take this one tiny example to prove once and for all that capitalism is the greatest system in the world. >> we always go back to that, but i feel like not a lot of people like capitalism. we always say that.
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it is a great message. >> there is one person, and he lives on 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> how dare you make fun of the white house dog like that. everyone knows that breed does not care one way or another. i forget his name. >> i can't remember, bonzo? >> is it bonzo? >> no. >> is it a -- >> it is bo. >> bosco. >> oh, bo. enough talking about a beautiful dog. from paying what you feel to applauding a heel. the report was glowing when his robes were flowing. the u.n has adopted a document praising libia during qaddafi's rule. the year after was scraped amid international outcry. it came after the human rights council during the uprising qaddafi's regime and libia suspended from the rights council, they sat on it. i don't know if i even read that right. it is friday. it doesn't have to make sense. this wednesday the hrc decided
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to approve this report applauding libia. apparently all of the strip clubs were closed. they are searching for qaddafi's replacement. but i believe we have tape from one of the leading contenders. >> well, you know, everybody likes him, but you spend three weeks with that guy in a hotel room, and it gets old real fast. congo, you served as the u.s. ambassador to belgium in the 1980s. what was your take with the whole organization in general? >> it wasn't clearly first. they have a regal name much
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like yourself. you can certainly straddle both sides of the issue. >> what i would think about again with the u.n as i said it before, it is not franklin roosevelt's dream. you have the human rights council and these are the types of awards you expect. for me it is nothing new from the u.n, and it is just another opportunity where americans get to realize that it is more money to give them. and we are paying for the opportunity to get kicked in the teeth again. >> i just wish i knew what taminy hall was. >> he was represented by the tiger. he was a democratic machine. >> i knew that. the review commended libia for educational opportunities and improving human rights. have we been wrong about qaddafi? >> this is a real wake up call. the inconvenient truth is we have been footing most of the bill for the u.n, right? these guys at the u.n, they sit around in meetings to have meetings and to discuss
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meetings and chasing their own tail and cooking up had ideas that sound great in the eighth bottle of wine. they have had these proclamations that nobody listens to and nobody agrees with and nobody pays attention to and nobody cares about. >> it is incredibly useless. you ran a model and i made that up. >> should they shut this thing down? turn is into an indoor shopping mall. what do you think? >> i am very confused. >> put in a starbucks. you just need the starbucks. >> what do you make of this mess? >> it just makes me wonder about the reputation for the u.n on down the line. and even the fact that several countries are back in there saying she great and putting flowers in his hair too.
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>> have you 15 seconds to say something. >> i support the u.n. i live in turtle bay right near the area. and business has never been better for the local economy. unfortunately, the business i am talking about is hookers, and they don't pay taxes. coming up, should he-man from masters of the universe be honored with a special postage stamp? a congressman discusses the bill on the house floor. and first, is all of america the 1%? pretty much. well, i guess i wouldn't have to do that story.
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should wall street jeerers look in the mirrors? well a story on foreign notes occupiers
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mown about the 1%, yet they are the 1%. when compared to the rest of the world. the middle class in america is still really, really, really rich by international standards. the u.s. census data shows the average u.s. household lives on $55 per person per day or about the price of my last waxing. the global average is about a fifth of that and according to one economist to be in the 1% globally you need to earn 34,000 a year and the american family earns 50 times the poorest. this all raises the question, do dogs hate richard simmons? that question really wasn't raised, but it was worth it. liz, should some americans go to other countries and find
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out how awesome they have it here? >> all of occupy wall street should go to other countries and then see how good they have it here. i am tired of the tedious, self-righteousness. when will they do an occupy fannie mae and freddy mac over the bonuses. they are in occupy cylindra. the i think about -- the thing about income and equality is we tried to fix it with the housing. >> that is a genius point. america is so against income redistribution that they did it through interest rates, and that fell apart. >> and cheap mortgages and everybody should deserve a home. when it is fine to rent when you can afford it. >> renting is under rated and i am not just talking about apartments. what do you make of this? >> there are two sides of this. you get really excited about living in a country where even the poorest look like kings to
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people in third world countries. you think about food stamps and free lunch and free breakfasts in public schools and how much money you make goes to be spent on that. does it make you feel good or is all you are doing is breeding an entitled society and we will have everything laid out for us. >> a very good point congressman. i don't know how you can top that. but i am waiting. >> the fact is america is the easiest place to move from one economic plane to the other. is that a fact? >> yes, america is the most equitable economy in human history. we have problems. some people just don't get how the free market works let alone have discernible skills to put out there for people to use. >> yeah, you listen to him, blondey. >> the point is we should not take for granted what we have
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here. we should improve upon it. especially through exports and the free market ideals will help lift the economies of the other countries. >> bingo. >> exactly instead of giving them fish. i think that is how it works. i don't eat seafood. bill, you are 99% alcohol. does that mean you are in the top 1% of drunk people? >> in milwaukee i am worshiped as a god. >> in boston you are nothing. >> in boston i am a god too. >> it is all relative. 34,000, i can go to uganda and have a sprawling mansion, but i like having my head on my neck, and i don't like malaria. so to come here it is not outer outer -- not worth as much, and if we are speaking relatively speaking, yes the people at occupy wall street shouldn't complain about dash it, but we are one of the least taxed country in the
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industrialized world. >> it is not like the rich started out on third base. when you look at the data, but 60% of people in the to much bracket in 1996 fell to the lower bracket by 2005. and those in the lower brackets moved up. there is a lot of movement. >> it is very march madnessy. >> in a few hours st. patrick's day -- it is a weekend. st. patrick's day falls on a saturday, and it is like two things crashing together that create a big explosion of vomit. but you know what else is happening is occupy wall street is having something too. you will have hippies and drunks coming together on a saturday, and it is going to be unbelievable. i'm hiding under my bed. >> the gravitational pull will be like -- >> it will be a mixture of vomit and urine. do you have a comment on the show? those are the names of my terrorists. to leave a voicemail on my
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direct line call 412-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy, a disgusting person. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by koala bears, the marsupials with a broad head, large, hairy ears, dense fur and sharp claws. thanks, koala bear.
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welcome back.
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let's see if we have anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. hi, andy. >> are you ready for st. patrick's day? >> it is my favorite day of the week. >> do you have your leprechaun outfit out? >> i am hired out for a few receptions. >> you have the shoes already. >> yes, i would show you but i am not flexible. >> you don't have to tell me. al-qaeda doesn't like fox news. greg, you read the quote from bin laden about how obama is the head of infidelity. and you said you had no idea what that meant? >> yes. >> i would think that means he is the leader of the infidels. i thought it was like he cheats on his wife. >> no. infidelity to allah. >> then he should have said infidels and not infidelity. >> no he shouldn't. >> you don't know what you are talking about. >> you don't know whraw talking about or what i am talking about. you thought bin laden said assassinating him would be a good idea. it only shows how important it is that somebody picked a good
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vice presidential candidate. but he is wrong about biden. whenever you think of biden he is not an unseasoned rookie. he knows his way around washington. >> i am just talking about the 2012 election and how important it is. let's not get into my political views too much. >> continue to focus on the political views. >> congressman, you made the point about bin laden and he didn't realize it is likely that it would have brought us together. that is great, buts i would have made the same point and you screwed me. >> let's not get into my political views. >> let's talk about my pilla tees -- pilates routine. >> how is that going? >> it is backfiring on me. >> he is the king of terrible puns to me.
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>> you mentioned bin laden was concerned about branding and talked about one of the names he was thinking about changing was taheed al -- i am thinking of qfc. >> i like qfc. >> nice and short and everybody likes fried chicken. >> obama no longa. >> long john-qaeda. appleby al-qaeda. >> qaeda hut. >> i hate you. i just did two awful ones. >> qaeda king. >> now are you piling on. >> greg, you mentioned bin laden's e mails show he was a fan of "red eye." in fact, i talked to a couple of intel sources, and they told me when gadan wrote to bin laden that fox news should die in anger bin laden responded that he agreed or quote, except for that show
3:35 am
that comes on late at night with the tiny jew host and the midtime jew in the other room who is sometimes also hosting, and the sidekick of repullion. truly they are making me have the giggles and i love the videos with the kitties. and is bill gay? i can't decide. anyway, death to america. >> i think he was tweeting me. >> that sounds like somebody who really watches the show. >> clearly a big fan. >> i am shocked such intelligence could be leaked. >> i have sources, congressman. also interesting, his actual job title was senior fellow. >> oh, interesting. >> he had his czars, didn't he? >> brooklyn restaurant closes. the restaurant owner says changing to pay what you feel isn't what killed his business, but it didn't help. liz, my theory is people don't want to pay what they feel because it is more work. you don't want to have to when you are done figure out what you owe and then you will pay too much because you don't want to seem cheap. it is just not worth the
3:36 am
hassle. >> i think i have a headache at that explanation. >> it is like taking the formula -- when you have to formulate a tip and then apply it -- -- >> now i get it. i get what you are saying. sorry, are you too smart for me, andy levy. i> i don't think that is it. bill, you said the problem with pay what you feel is most people in williamsburg feel like they are broke. getting a job is so last year, dude. >> thank you. you have seen michael will you please in the williamsburg hip cat times. >> gazette. >> they call it the weekly but it comes out once a month. >> of course it does. >> are you not going to control me, world. >> other weeklies come out weekly. >> thank you. >> are you kidding me? congressman, you said this is no surprise to you which, yes, obviously. should we kick the u.n out of the country? is it time for that? >> no, but we should start a liber tee alliance and reduce
3:37 am
our contributions to the u.n. in the end, andy, as you know, we are outnumbered at the u.n. non-free country rtz majority as opposed to free countries. this is not franklin roosevelt 's dream nor is it mr. gutfeld's treadmill dream of world peace. >> it is not on a treadmill. >> and it is not world peace. >> the answer to the question would have been yes. >> i told you don't bring my political views into it. >> liz, you said all of these people do is sit around and have meetings and issue meeting proclamations. >> it it is hard work to find ways to blame everything on easy re. israel. not fair to say all i do is sit around. >> make sure to issue a proclamation about that. >> we are all 1 percenters. i think this story is stupid. as bill eluded to, international standards are meaning less. you can't equate the cost of living in different areas, so what is the point of comparing
3:38 am
different incomes in different countries. >> i am on camera. face time. i should put that to my clips. >> lastly, greg, you mentioned st. patrick's day is on saturday which means an explosion of vomit. >> yes. >> there is a in you study out of baylor university that shows that no matter what day of the week it falls on, more vomit is created on st. patrick's day than any other day of the year. >> and by the way, it is a great opportunity for people who are into certain kinds of aerobic activity like hoping and jumping because if you have to go anywhere you just keep hoping over vomit. you can burn 700, 800 calories in an hour. >> i think i just threw up in my mouth. >> a good place to keep it though. it is nature's glove compartment, your mouth. >> i probably should point out that the study from baylor university i made up. >> i had that feeling. don't trust baylor. >> i think the u.n had a proclamation on that. >> they probably did.
3:39 am
do you have something you want to get to greg? >> yes. i have a treat. i don't normally get to watch "red eye" because i am not up. but i do watch "the five" and are you doing a deviled egg contest and the winner gets to have a book, right? >> yes. >> all right well here they are. i made them. i am from the south and so you have to bring gifts. >> what is the recipe? >> a little old bay mixed in with light mayo. >> isn't old bay a horse? >> and i noticed they are a st. patrick's day green. how long did you age them? >> listen, listen. i have to get a signed copy from you and i am giving it to my former co-host. he is your biggest fan, and he listens to you on satellite radio all the time on his way to work. >> are you doing like that mickey rork in "91/2 weeks." jay you were only looking at it that way.
3:40 am
you were my passenger. by the way, i have eaten four of these. this is my fifth. >> i never had a deviled egg before. >> thank you, andy. >> thank you for the deviled eggs. >> we lost him. there he is just relaxing. >> andy, are you missing out. you better get down here. >> they really are good. >> go do the show or something. coming up, me at home eating pickles out of the jar. but first -- how did a package on an encyclopedia brittain gnaw caw get this violent? honestly if you have to ask you will never understand.
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well, an iconic brand has been shelfed. to the lament of librarians the world over the encyclopedia britanica is going out of print. the authority of all things things announced that
3:44 am
shockingly the idea of spending $1400 on 32 volumes of leather bound books weighing in at roughly 130 pounds isn't as popular as it used to be. and they intend to focus on their on-line division. so is the internet to blame for the death of another american institution? oh, most definitely. but we made bill schulz go out and bother people about it anyway. >> look at them, the unwashed masses going about their day-to-day and pretending that this didn't happen. i will go out and see what is what when you look at all things encyclopedia britanica. do you have an edition and how old is it? >> i don't know it is from the 1960s. >> oh so that is old school. that's when men were men and women knew their place. >> if you say so. >> don't you miss the days when somebody asked you a question and you would have to go home and go find your encyclopedia and take hours to pour over them before you can finally find the answer of what a quam is?
3:45 am
don't you miss those days ? >> absolutely not. >> who are the lonely housewives going to hookup with since there are no more sales men? >> the pool boy. >> as i'm sure you heard then sigh clie peaked yaw brita nie ca is no more. they shutdown the presses. >> i don't know what you are talking about because i am from germany and i didn't really heard of it before. >> growing up, i enjoyed boy detective encyclopedia brown. does that have the same ring -- >> have i no idea what you are talking about. >> there is a kid named encyclopedia brown. what is she now, google brown? >> that sounds good. >> you sound good. >> excuse me, can i ask you a couple quick questions for fox news? file that under j, for jerk. i see you have a smart phone. >> yes. >> i myself have a smart cart full of a lot of knowledge as you can see. over that is some weird dude who is guarding it. now, we are going to give uh subject. your smart phone versus my smart cart.
3:46 am
let's see who can find it quicker. when was the telephone invented? >> 1876. >> this is 1870-sucks. >> what is the world's tallest building? >> the world's tallest building is the kalifa in dubai. >> wrong. no, according to this the world's tallest building is the flat iron. >> i'm looking for the population of sweden. >> have i it. 9 million 379,116. as of 2010. >> this is 1952. >> what year did women get the right to vote? let me know when you have it.
3:47 am
>> according to this encyclopedia it is penned -- pending. >> the name of ron howard's most recent project. go. >> go to h! >> i got it. >> she got it. >> he is working on a movie called "rush" and known for" angels and deamons" and "da vinci code,"" beautiful mind," "apolo 13". >> working on the pilot for "happy days." >> yikes. >> if we learned anything is there was a time and place for encyclopedia britanica and that time is not now. as for cart boy, you can find him under t for terminated.
3:48 am
>> bill, you know those volumes are cumbersome and inefficient, but you will miss the britanica, aren't you? >> absolutely not. i remember being impatient looking for things. i was never a good speller. but i should say in interest of legal reasons, one cart boy was very much harmed in the making of that segment. can't emphasize that enough. >> poor cart boy. liz, can they translate this on-line since there is a wikipedia? >> well, i hope they will knockout wikipedia because who knows what is logging in and weighing in. they will be great on-line. no? >> no, i agree. >> well, if you know the answers up front what do you need the encyclopedia britanica for?
3:49 am
>> that's true. >> and did you ever have them when you were a kid? >> i was a fanica of the encyclopedia britanica. i was disappointed you didn't come up with a little more i will lit ration. >> i was unbelievably hung over. we have to take a break. don't go anywhere. why? because i said so, that's why.
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well, it is with great sadness and a wormless heart that we learned of the loss of a "red eye" hero last weekend. yoda, the 2011 world's ugliest dog winner died peacefully in her sleep on saturday. she was 15 or -- >> 105. >> or 105. the chinese crested chough -- chiuaua is survived by her owner and legions of fans who through yoda celebrate beauty is only skin deep. join us as we celebrate this open mouthed hairless wonder.
3:54 am
>> well, wherever you are, yoda, know this, the force will be with you always. i love quoting "star trek." what an adorable -- are you crying? >> are you okay? >> i told you we should have warned the guests. this isn't all about having fun and talking abouten sigh claw peaked britanica. real things happen. bad things happen to good, ugly dogs. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye. it won't be as good as this one.
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a reminder you can watch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern time, an hour earlier or 11:00 p.m. pacific time. a new "red eye" returns on monday. guests include patti ann browne, and dana vachon. i have such egg breath. it is time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. congressman, how is your monthly view from the capital segment doing on the news channel 8? i think we have a picture of your co-host i think. >> yes, that's her. that's ms. katherine and touching the statue in the capital rotunda. you can see this stuff lying about. "view from the capital" march 2 they 2 -- march 27th. i warned you, be careful.
3:59 am
she will send her goons to deal with you. >> i don't know what that means. how drunk are you when you do that show? >> we are not drunk on anything but life. >> or it is that new bourbon. >> that's back when men were men and you never had them. >> come on. >> anna, how is fox and friends first going? >> awesome. i was just back today, and i will be back again next monday. it is awesome. even if you only have 30 minutes, everybody is in a rush in the morning and we will get you out the door and you will have plenty of things to talk about around the water cooler. >> liz, quickly, i hear you are writing an article about china attacking mcdonalds for serving half hour old chicken? >> and they are serving kung pow seagull over there. how do we even know it is chick ?en. >> i don't know, i have been to china never. that's it for me.


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